The Profound Power of Consistency – Reclaim Your Excellence

If I could give every budding artist one bit of advice, it would be this. Create a habit of doing something regularly. Whatever it is, no matter how small or large, is acceptable. It might be as easy as taking a short stroll or practicing meditation for two minutes. It can be as demanding as penning 1,000 words every day or running five miles.

If you can develop a habit regularly, you'll access a much more potent superpower than the practice itself: the conviction that you are entirely capable of altering your behavior. When you change the way you act, you can make big changes. This is because small actions repeated often can lead to big changes in our lives.

1. Inconsistency Kills Your Creative Potential

Inconsistency is one of the few things that can hurt your self-esteem and make it hard for you to do well in a creative career or any other creative activity. I've seen people with extraordinary talent fall short of their potential because they are so erratic in their actions. They frequently begin new projects but never complete them.

  • A buddy of mine who works as a highly compensated corporate employee informed me a few years ago that he had ambitions to launch a business. He already had customers queued up and ready to pay him. He has brought this company up to me throughout the course of the years. He's been working on designing a website, setting up an email address, and creating a business card for the past year. He could have simply employed someone to do this, given his income. He has completed all but starting the business.
  • On the other hand, I had a friend who I studied band with in high school. His first two business endeavors were complete failures. So he was hired by a start-up. The company hired a full-time life coach to help its employees feel better about themselves. He told the coach about his plan to help small businesses with data and analytics. He had no customers who were eager to pay him. He got in touch with me and asked if he could use our podcast download statistics to demonstrate what he had in mind. After we provided him access, he delivered a thorough, detailed dashboard 24 hours later. It absolutely astounded me. What distinguishes these two of my friends from one another, then? The second person is used to trying again and again, even if they fail a few times. Being inconsistent makes it nearly impossible for people to take you seriously. On the other hand, I always notice that people with great creative careers are consistent.
  • If you create media, consistency is necessary to maintain an audience's interest. Consider your favorite TV programs. You wouldn't develop a watching habit if they broadcast on various days and times each month. If you want to get the most out of exercise or learn a new skill, you have to do it regularly.
  • For more than ten years, Seth Godin has posted to his blog every single day. His consistency produced results that spoke for themselves. Every Monday and Wednesday for more than five years, we've released brand-new episodes of Undeniable Creative.

2. Resilience Generates Momentum

If you ask me, it's not simple to write a story. It makes no difference if you're feeling upbeat, motivated, or having a horrible day. In the end, what matters is that you have a practice of turning up and giving it your best shot.

The fundamental principle of momentum is that an object in motion doesn't stop moving.
Because of this, writing 200 words every day is more productive than writing 1,000 words once per week. This is why practicing art for 15 minutes a day is preferable to practice for an hour once a week.

We remain in action when we are consistent in whatever we do. We build momentum when we continue to move forward, and momentum is the heart of any start-up or creative enterprise.

3. Maintaining Consistency Strengthens Willpower

Every morning I have bulletproof coffee, bacon, and toast for breakfast. I do this because I value the first three hours of the day the most. It won't be a waste of willpower for me to find out what I want to eat for breakfast. Having a daily routine or keystone habit that you follow actually helps you be more powerful and less susceptible to decision fatigue.

4. Consistency Aids in Making Habits a Part of Your Identity

Even while I do make it a point to block off writing time each morning, I never have to "write 1000 words" down on my to-do list or calendar. Anything you do changes from being a task on your to-do list to becoming a component of who you are.

5. Maintaining Consistency Improves Skill Level

My skill level seems to rise phenomenally when I snowboard or surf for several days straight. By the end, I'm making waves, taking risks I never would have taken before, and flying down mountain cliffs I would have previously avoided. Myelination takes place when we regularly perform something.

"We create new brain pathways when we strive to learn something new, such as playing a new instrument, language, or habit. The myelination process takes place as we continue to practice that new activity and push through discomfort. Consider a coated electrical wire as an example. According to Christine Comaford, "Myelin transforms that new brain route and behavior from dial-up to broadband.” Your income will rise enormously. Your skill level will significantly rise as a result. Consistent effort leads us from conscious incapacity to unconscious proficiency.

6. Myth of Superhuman Discipline

We think that authors of books about productivity and habits are more disciplined than the rest of us. The reality is that very few people possess superhuman discipline. Even though I place high importance on doing deep work and getting stuff done, there are times when I mess up and squander time on Facebook, Twitter, and email. It takes practice to develop the discipline to consistently accomplish anything. It is an ongoing project that necessitates constant exploration and iteration.

Many of the bloggers who started their blogs around the same time as mine have now passed away. Some of them were really gifted writers by nature. They weren't constant in their efforts and never completed what they started, which is the only reason they are no longer present or important. If there's one thing I can pinpoint as the cause of one’s greatest creative successes, it's a constant pattern.

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How Can Our Courses Help You Be Consistent?

The power of miracles is consistency. It has a cumulative impact. You will finally become better in ways you could never have imagined if you consistently work to do what is right and good.

Consistency has a strong and underappreciated impact. Anything is feasible once you have the skills to change your behavior and the comfort to do so. You may achieve the huge personal goals you've always desired by consistently doing the little things.

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