14 Day Meditation Course!

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Meditation is the deliberate focusing of attention on the present moment to induce feelings of calmness, increased energy and awareness. Practising meditation regularly offers numerous health benefits, such as less stress and anxiety. Meditation isn’t hard, anyone can do it at the ease of their own comfort. Meditation can be done sitting still or moving around while maintaining self-awareness.

Understanding Meditation!

Meditation is a concept of spirituality, a process that helps people become more aware of their thoughts and emotions by reflecting on the particular moment without allowing habitual reactions to take control.

We want to make sure you get your money’s worth with this course! So please read all the way through before enrolling-there is a lot here that most other meditation courses don’t tell you!

The course aims for ‘inner peace’ which helps you develop a habit of satisfaction and peace. All you have to make some time for Meditation, let’s take a dive into the below text, which will reveal the tips to get started with your meditation journey.

Requirements to Get Started with Meditation Course!

Set aside time every day for your meditation practice (e.g., 30 minutes in the morning before breakfast).

Meditation for beginners requires patience, persistence and commitment but the rewards will last you a lifetime.

What is the True Essence of Meditation?

If you’re not a meditation pro, it can be difficult to get started. In fact, many people don’t stick with meditation because they feel they’re doing it wrong or that there isn’t enough time in the day to meditate. Luckily, even beginners can benefit from practicing meditation because the true essence of meditation is being mindful and present in the moment. Once you start incorporating a routine of mindful meditation into your life, you might see an increase in energy levels and overall health while experiencing more inner peace and happiness.


Helpful tips for how to Meditate!

  • Sit comfortably with your eyes closed; if it is more comfortable, you can have your back straight but don’t strain yourself.
  • Take a deep breath and as you exhale, let all the tension go from your body. You may want to start by practising this step for a few minutes before proceeding with meditation.
  • Now focus on your natural breathing pattern and feel yourself going in and out of relaxation with each breath. If a specific mantra comes to mind, silently repeat it or simply allow any mantra that comes up naturally. This is often called active meditation because you are intentionally repeating a word or phrase.
  • If you feel restless, take some deep breaths and stretch a bit, paying attention to how relaxed you are before you start meditating. You can open your eyes if they are closed or look at an object in the room to gain focus again.

Helpful tips for how to Meditate!


Ensures the physical and mental well-being


Increases workplace productivity


Improves both Individual and Organization Performance


Get energized emotionally and physically

What You Will Learn?

When we have no inner peace, our minds are filled with thoughts that generate emotions such as anger, frustration or jealousy. These emotions motivate us to act in various ways–such as lashing out at someone or seeking revenge–which cause more suffering for ourselves and others

This is your time to embrace inner peace and self-satisfaction. Enroll in the course and start your journey right away!


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What Will I Learn?

  • Create a day by day meditation habit over 14 days
  • Improve your sleep
  • Reduce your stress Increase your focus
  • Enhance your self-awareness
  • Develop mental flexibility

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