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About Course

Mastering emotional intelligence will help you to control your feelings and prevent acting out of impulse which results in inappropriate behavior.


Struggling in managing your relationships? Uncertain when a conflict arises? If yes, then venture into the quality of making wiser decisions with emotional Intelligence. Strive for a better, proactive engaging life and understand your emotions to control your emotional state, including fear and anxiety. Emotional intelligence is Necessary! Indeed it is a quality to give the best to your personal and professional relationships. Managing your energy levels, and relationships with your work life is an arduous job but our course for ‘Emotional Intelligence’ assists you along the way.

What You’ll Learn in this Course?

During this course, you will learn how to develop the insight and confidence to effectively handle your own expectations and emotions. Successful individuals around the world, in every industry, are unified by a common trend: their ability to understand and control their emotions. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to stand up and take a step forward when everyone else seems falling apart.  Unfortunately, emotional intelligence isn’t always a natural trait;but luckily you can be developed. However, you are free to choose whether to develop this skill.

Developing Emotional Intelligence!

Developing Emotional Intelligence is the biggest key to overcoming negative emotions, such as anxiety and fear. With Sureself you can learn how to avoid unwanted emotions and purposefully work for the betterment of your mind’s peace. Don’t let your emotions drive you, learn how to control your mind, emotions and body in order to handle the extreme stress. This course is designed to walk you through different stages of the Emotional Quotient and develop your emotional

intelligence to overcome any anxiety and fear. There are different worksheets and exercises included throughout the course to help you understand and manage your emotions effectively.

Achieve Emotional Intelligence with Sureself!

Declutter your constant doubts and thoughts whether you can do a particular task or not, doubting yourself undermines your confidence. To give up for the emotions ultimately means that you have wasted your time and energy worrying instead of preparing. Sureself’s emotional intelligence is designed keeping in view that you are crippled with nerves. Sureself makes you believe that you have the qualities and skills to achieve your preferred outcome.

How Lack of Emotional Quotient Limits your Success?

Limiting beliefs will undermine your ability to persevere and absorb some of the energy to achieve your goals. So nurturing your self-belief can support your personality enrichment.

Mastering Emotional Intelligence is Crucial!

Mastering Emotional Intelligence is crucial because it helps you understand your reactions and how to express them, in turn reducing the negative effects that emotions have on our lives. Mastering Emotional Intelligence can help you overcome problems when it comes to managing or coping with certain people, especially when you are under stress

Here’s what Mastering Emotional Intelligence help you with:

Controls Your Behavior

Mastering emotional intelligence will help you to control your feelings and prevent acting out of impulse which results in inappropriate behavior. When you master your emotions, you will be able to identify what’s troubling you and then try solving it. This way, there is no scope for misbehavior!

Master Your Emotions

Mastering emotional intelligence helps you identify what’s troubling you and then try solving it. It will teach you to understand your feelings which help in keeping control of them. It also helps in managing relationships more effectively, leading to less stress. Mastering Emotional Intelligence can even help us understand why we behave the way we do. Getting a hold of your Emotions may be difficult but it pays off in the long run! So Master Your Emotions and gain all the benefits that come along with them! They do not realize their mistakes due to which they tend to repeat them over and over again, which irritates the other person.

It is very difficult for L.E.Q (low emotional quotient) individuals’ to understand other people’s body language, tone of voice or facial expressions, thus leading to failure in communication.

Effectively Manages Relationships

Mastering emotional intelligence helps in effectively managing your relationships. The more you communicate with someone, the better your understanding of that person becomes. This makes it easier for you to improve the relationship through constant communication and build strong bonds.

Helps in Self-awareness, Self-Regulation!

Self-awareness is the key to emotional intelligence which enables an individual to stand up for himself/herself even under stress or pressure. Mastering Emotional Intelligence will teach you how to assess yourself and will help you in knowing your own strengths and weaknesses thus enabling improvement in skills by letting go of the ego

What Will I Learn?

  • Recognize the linguistic foundations of ALL feelings to take charge of how you interpret feelings to declare delight and happiness to your existence
  • Research in brief approximately the B-E-L fashions utilized in Ontological education
  • Study in short approximately the O-A-R models utilized in Ontological training
  • Discover the distinction between "moods" and "emotions" and the way they may be beneficial to your lifestyles
  • Increase your capacity to gain emotional stability by way of expertise the linguistic foundation of feelings
  • learn "who" "what" and "when" helped to create that framework of perception for your precise observer
  • Discover ways to master feelings and take control of conversations
  • Discover the energy of declarations to determine satisfaction in your conversations

Topics for this course

51 Lessons

Welcome To The Course!

“Thank You” And “Welcome” To This Course!00:03:02
My Personal Story About Emotional Intelligence And Emotion Mastery00:04:47
My Promise To You As A Coach And Instructor In This Course00:01:27
Two Frameworks Of Understanding – BEL and OAR Models00:04:24
Potential Hurdles / Limiting Beliefs That Can Prevent You From Learning00:03:53
[Activity] Congratulations & Action Steps00:02:34

Before You Begin – A Brief Introduction To Emotions

Getting To Know Yourself – Part 1 – Your Emotional Inheritances

Getting To Know Yourself – Part 2 – Moods And Their Influence

Bust A Move – Learning To Give Yourself A Break From Mental “Chatter”

Declarations And How To Bring Joy And Satisfaction Into Your Life 5 lectures • 19min

Approaching Resentment & Resignation With Lightness And Curiosity

Looking Ahead To Create A Satisfactory And Joyous “Hoped For” Future

Life Is Meant To Be Lived Joyously… Stepping Lightly And In Joy

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  • The invitation is to be mild with yourself and be open to the gaining knowledge of
  • This route material may be effortlessly watched within four-five hours but the invitation is to set aside an ordinary time for self-inquiry and self-mirrored image

Target Audience

  • This course is for absolutely everyone who desires to paintings with their emotions and advantages a higher understanding of them
  • This direction is for inspired folks who are willing to spend time in self-mirrored image and introspection and discover ways to claim delight and happiness in their life
  • in case you need to enjoy the feelings of "joy", "contentment", "satisfaction" and extra, this route may be for you
  • if you need to find out about how existing training competencies can help you to guide a fuller, more whole lifestyle, then this direction can be for you
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