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Benefits of Morning Meditation – The Path to Success

Our goals and good intentions are frequently centered on improving our happiness and health. It is also centered to get freedom from bad habits. When we break a habit, we often feel empty. This is why things like quitting smoking, alcohol, or other bad habits are so tough.

Oftentimes, we acquire bad habits for a reason and it is because they serve us a purpose. Our habits assist us in alleviating stress or giving enjoyment. They also make us feel good or create a subconscious sense of security. Thus, habits are not unnecessary; but they simply do not always assist us in being our best selves. Individuals can “unleash the secrets of mindfulness” through Meedyo’s course. 

Why Morning Meditation Is Important

To break unhelpful habits, new ones must be established that bring equivalent benefits to the mind and body. Which is where meditation comes in. Along with improving mental clarity and enhancing relaxation, meditation also increases the release of endorphins aka happy hormones. It also makes the body physically more active.

If an individual can develop morning meditation for 21 days, there is a chance that they will continue it for the rest of their lives.

Establishes Your Intention

Many meditation sessions begin with an opportunity to set an intention for the practice. This could be an intention to meditate with care towards the body when it is fatigued. It could also be to focus the mind into quiet or to stretch our comfort zone to build self-trust and confidence. Whatever it is, the intention has the potential to define the remainder of the day and provide the individual a focal point for hours. It’s essentially setting an intention every morning.

Eliminates the Fuzz

Meditation experts have previously discussed as to why it is critical to meditate at the start of the day. They say it is essential in order for the body to be ideally healthy and feel physically well. The theory is that our muscles rest overnight, and during this time, layers of connective tissue and body fluid- also known as fuzz- accumulate between them. This impulse to stretch that we experience upon awakening is essentially a release of the hazy buildup between muscles. However, if individuals do not exercise and stretch, this layer thickens and accumulates fuzz, resulting in stiffness.

Reduces Stress

We are all familiar with the sensation of leaping out of bed after hitting the snooze button and hurrying around in the morning. Our neurological system is all too aware of how it feels. By allowing ourselves an additional hour or half to wake up and practice morning meditation, it’ll help the nervous system be much calmer. Our cortisol levels aka stress hormones are already elevated in the morning to provide us with the boost we need to get up. However, if this level of cortisol is rapidly elevated in response to additional stress, individuals would have set themselves up for an equally stressful day. Morning meditation teaches the body to switch off the sympathetic ‘fight or flight’ stress response and instead tap into the healing benefits of the parasympathetic nervous system. This significantly improves both the mind and the body.

Diminish The Need to ‘Coffee’

Meditation has the amazing ability to fulfill our needs. It can be restorative and blissfully calming but it can also be exciting and energizing. Even if individuals are exhausted when they wake up, a morning yoga practice will ensure that you feel more awake and alive. Sun salutation, backbends, and twists are all specific postures and techniques that help generate energy.

Boosts Immunity

Our body’s disease-fighting WBC’s perform optimally when our blood flow and lymphatic system are well-circulated. By moving in a way that feels pleasant first thing in the morning, we effectively wake up all of the body’s systems. It enhances circulation and provides an immediate boost to the immune system. There are multiple poses that can activate the immune system, such as Viparita Karani.

Boosts Feelings of Happiness

Along with increasing the circulation and immune system, one of the most advantageous reasons to practice meditation in the morning is the boost in mood. According to a study conducted by a trust in London, 94% of participants experiencing anxiety reported a considerable decrease in symptoms. Additionally, 82% of those individuals who experienced problems falling asleep felt at ease through meditation.

More Time for Self Care

It is common to feel as though some individuals have enough time for themselves. Especially true if someone is a parent or their job requires much more effort and time. The additional time in the morning when you meditate demonstrates to yourself that you not only care about yourself but others as well. To be able to give our energy to the world, we must first have enough within us. A morning yoga practice is a way to feel accomplished for the day, whether it is for five minutes or an hour.

Lesser Procrastination

Making your morning meditation the first on the to-do list and checking it the first thing in the morning is one of the greatest strategies to overcome procrastination. It ensures that you’ll get it done first and won’t feel terrible for missing to meditate in a day. Accomplishing something early in the day is also an excellent approach to boost confidence and self-esteem. It requires some discipline initially, but “with discipline, come liberation”.


Meditation has no prerequisites. Individuals do not need to be flexible, strong, skinny, vegan, or any other stereotype associated with people who meditate. All an individual needs is to be themselves and let meditation take care of the rest. Meditation is not about mastering the art of letting go of thoughts, it is about discovering the inner self and looking at the arising thoughts with non-judgmental eyes. There are several courses that allow individuals to truly enjoy the benefits of morning meditation. They can be incorporated into daily lifestyles. 

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