Guided Meditation for happiness

Guided Meditation for Happiness and Inner Peace

With all of the stress, anxiety, anger, and strife in the world, it can be hard to find triumph in life, but that is where mediation for happiness can assist you. Sometimes, with so many conflicts and hardships, it might seem like the world has no joy to offer.

Other than this, we are concentrated on the negative things that are taking place in our lives, the difficulties we’re facing, and the potential risks that could arise at any time, that completely suppress our ability to feel happiness.

But happiness is the thing that pours sweetness and meaning into people’s lives. If someone wants their wishes to come true and become the best version of themself, it is crucial that they must take out some time to seek happiness.

What is Happiness Meditation?

Accomplishing a sound sense of underlying peace and joy doesn’t necessarily show itself as a wide smile. Rather, it’s a connection to inner satisfaction, leading us to a legit sense of happiness that reconnects us to a peaceful state.
To practice meditation for happiness, we are nourishing four constituents of happiness: kindness, inner satisfaction, empathy, and playfulness. By working on these aspects of ourselves in our daily lives, we can achieve a happy state of mind and effectively cope with the negative thoughts circulating in our minds.

Happiness Starts with Gratitude

The secret to meditation for happiness is to focus on things that people are thankful for. Because no matter how things go bad, we guarantee that there are infinite reasons to be grateful. Here are some areas from where one can start today.

Your Relationships

Think of the most valuable people in your mind, people that love you most and whom you love back. Everyone from your family to friends and colleagues all makes up support, which is a cherished gift. So one must be grateful if they have such things.

Your Necessities

People must keep in mind the fact that they are living a cherishable life, roof overhead, and have an immense balance in their bank account. Other than this, one should be grateful for having food in a refrigerator, a car for transportation, a smartphone to connect with the world, and lots of other daily life necessities that are someone else's dream to have.

Your Health

Think about the people that are struggling to get better health that you have to enjoy life. When one focuses on the point that all the facilities they are utilizing due to good health, the facilities that are dreams for others they should be grateful. You will eventually realize that this world is a beautiful place and your healthy life is truly a gift. With this viewpoint, you will reach a state of happiness and can develop a positive mindset.

Why Meditation Makes You Happy?

To understand the relation between happiness and meditation, you need to look at the neuroscience of happiness. According to psychologists, the state of happiness has a lot to do with negative bias. It is the human minds’ practice to pay more attention to the negative thing than the positive. We usually dwell on negative thoughts that increasingly grow negativity more than positivity.

Negative things are stored in implicit memory due to which humans inherently remember negative events of life more than positive ones. But this issue can easily be fixed by consciously remembering good events in our lives. However, this is one of the crucial things about practising meditation for happiness, as it holds the power to change our thoughts and makes the brain function more positively.

Guided Meditation for Happiness and inner peace

Nonetheless, tragic or painful events in our life also develop negativity in our minds. There is a tale called the” Arrow” in which budda said that life is full of grievous memories, which are like the first dart that hit us. But afterwards, through our meaningless thoughts, we throw another dart to ourselves that doubles the pain.

  • Meditation makes people happy and helps to overcome negative emotions in response to tragic events.
  • When an unusual thing happens, meditation can force one to remain calm and relaxed.
  • It can reduce the effects of sympathetic nervous systems from rendering fight or flight response
  • However, breath is an anchor in order to achieve happiness. When we experience tough circumstances, we can breathe mindfully, this will make the events more tolerable.
  • Below are some of the techniques of meditation for happiness that can help out to fight negative thoughts
  • Just concentrate on the present moment. To do so, focus on your senses, and on what you hear or touch. By practising this technique one can clear their mind from negativity.
  • Be grateful for the things you have instead of grieving over the things you lost. Live in the present, not in the past.
  • Remain mindful of the moment. This will develop happiness.

A Quick Walkthrough of Meditation for Happiness

Whenever someone is struggling to achieve a happy state of mind, take a moment and sit on the floor or chair, what is comfortable for them. Keep your eyes slightly open, and remain aware of the space around you. Breathe slowly, inhale from the nose and exhale through the mouth. Afterwards, close your eyes and feel the rhythm of your breath. Now take some time and do a head-to-toe scan, question yourself how do you feel? As you return to feel your breath, it's the right time to dive into your imagination. Visualize soothing sun rays coming out from the chest. This sensation holds a feeling of joyfulness and satisfaction. Open your eyes, bring back consciousness, and feel the surroundings. Do you feel positive? Hold on to that feeling. By doing this, the negative thoughts will be drained out of the body.
Final Thoughts
To achieve happiness and the inner satisfaction, people have to appreciate things they already have. By practising radical gratitude, one will find that they have become optimistic, like-minded, and joyful. Meditation also makes you realize that everything happens due to certain reasons, and positive things will begin to come. Meditation will not only assist people to experience positivity and happiness, but it will surely make you confident to make an impact in the world.

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