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Meditation for Creativity, Success & Abundance

Creativity, success, and abundance are the kind of factors that everybody wants in their lives. It is understandable because the lack of it can disrupt mental and physical health. For some people, it can even disturb them emotionally. They can even experience poor sleep, decision-making, and productivity levels. Therefore, individuals feel dissatisfied with their lives.

Meditation for creativity, success, and abundance in all about enriching life by focusing on these factors in a meditation session. Success, creativity, and abundance can be desirable in any area of life e.g. personal, school and workplace. In addition, individuals of any age desire more success, creativity, and abundance. We know that a general mindfulness meditation session improves focus and concentration which results in more self-awareness and better mental health. Similarly, meditation for all the above factors can surely bring creativity, success, and abundance in life. Thus, a person can easily achieve the desired progress and growth in life .

Importance of Meditation

Meditation sessions have the potential to connect people deeply. A loving-kindness meditation or compassion meditation connects people on an emotional level. Likewise, a meditation on creativity, success, and abundance will bring like-minded people together. It will create social support that will benefit the individuals even more. Hence, the people will enjoy benefits together. 

Meditation: Benefits for Creativity, Success, and Abundance

According to Jos Buttler, only 10 minutes of regular meditation has the potential to help with relaxation. Additionally, it helps with looking at the world from a better point of view. Several benefits of meditation that bring success, creativity, and abundance are:

  • Boosted self-awareness: If self-awareness is not present in individuals, they are not aware of their values, motivation, principles, and strengths. Thus, meditation empowers people in this way.
  • Minimized negative emotions: Escalated unpleasant emotions considerably hinder growth in people. Fortunately, meditation helps with it.
  • Reduced unproductive thoughts: Unhealthy thought patterns like mind reading and disqualifying the positives can gravely impact the personal growth of a person. Meditation effectively helps with reducing them.
  • Increased patience: Meditation exercises from the beginning teach the lesson of patience with oneself and during the meditation session. It is because speeding things up can ruin all the previously made progress.
  • Upgraded imagination: Sometimes meditation practices require the participants to visualize their success. Over time, the individuals get trained with it and experience an upgrade in their ability to imagine. 
  • Improved inner peace: It is very obvious that a kind and compassionate approach emphasized during meditation sessions will result in more inner peace.
  • Enhanced gratitude: Gratitude gets a boost through meditation when people learn to appreciate the positives in their lives. 
  • Strengthened relationships: We know that meditation brings personal development so people deal with their relationships better than before. It means that their communication gap reduces, and they become more open to each other’s needs. 
  • Enriched focus: With all the negative thoughts and feelings minimized due to meditation, the individuals experience enriched focus and attention. It increases their productivity levels.
  • Upgraded self-regulation: Self-regulation is about adjusting one’s behavior according to the demands of the situation. An increase in self-awareness results in an increase in self-esteem. Hence, the individual becomes more disciplined.

Guided Meditation for Creativity, Success, and Abundance

  1. Sit in a comfortable position, and a distraction-free place.  Take a deep breath. Try your best to keep the spine as straight as possible. You can also close your eyes if it helps with minimizing distractions. 
  2. Now, focus on the flow of breath. Notice how it comes in through the nose and fills the lungs. Again, see how it comes out of the mouth and contracts the lungs. The breathing exercise is extremely important for relaxation because it lowers the stress hormone known as cortisol. 
  3. Shift your focus towards your thoughts and feelings. Pay attention to those thoughts that hinder you from achieving creativity, success, and abundance in life. Take a mental note of them.
  4. Now shift your focus on your breath and notice how it influences the movement of the diaphragm and the abdomen. You can also pair a positive affirmation with your flow of breath e.g. creativity, success, and abundance in (while breathing in), negativity, fear, and self-doubt out (while breathing out). The affirmation will help in reducing the influence of unproductive thought patterns. 
  5. Now, bring your attention to the obstacles that you identified in step 3. Do your best to come up with different solutions to the hindrances. Be patient with yourself during the process and never force yourself with anything because it will increase stress and anxiety. It will defeat the purpose of meditation altogether. 
  6. For abundance, train yourself to see the good side of life. It is because to attract more abundance in life, one should realize the abundance that they already have. Say thanks and take a deep breath.
  7. After figuring out the solutions to the problems, take note of them and end the session with a deep breath. You can also repeat the aforementioned positive affirmation. 

Additional Meditation Tips for Beginners

  • Set aside a fixed time: Scheduling a time for meditation on the calendar helps with creating a consistent routine. It also increases one’s awareness regarding time use. Moreover, it helps schedule other responsibilities accordingly. Thus, setting aside a fixed time can be extremely helpful.
  • Assign a place for meditation: Creating a space for meditation helps the person feel relaxed easily. It gives a distraction-free environment for a meditation session. Even regular meditators can find it hard to concentrate in chaos and distractions.
  • Do not force yourself: Sometimes it happens that beginners keep pushing themselves into relaxation during a meditation session. Unfortunately, the motto of “keep pushing yourself” does not apply here. It not only disturbs the concentration levels but also increases anxiety. We know that the objective of a meditation session is increasing calm and relaxation but not tension and anxiety. 
  • Take baby steps: Taking small steps means not comparing yourself with others. There is one kind of competition that experts recommend that is with yourself. Competing with the previous version of yourself nurtures internal motivation whereas competing with others fosters external motivation. Furthermore, taking baby steps is crucial for creating a permanent and long-lasting change. Other benefits of baby steps include more self-confidence, accountability, and organization skill. 
  • Conclusion

    In this view, meditation can substantially help with achieving success, creativity, and abundance in life. So, it is one of the great ways to boost the quality of life. It is also clear that a lack of abundance, creativity, and success is seriously harmful because of its major consequences. For example, poor mental and physical health. It also results in poor decision-making, problem-solving ability, and self-confidence. Courses offered by Meedyo can help in tackling all the personal obstacles and enrich life significantly. 

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