Personality Clash vs. Personality Complex

Personality Clash and Complex: How Meditation Comes to your Salvation

Personality Clash vs. Personality Complex

Personality Clash:

Ever been in a situation when you utterly lost your temper, yelled at your loved ones or a stranger in front of an audience and now have no power to make things right. A small voice in your head wants to amend, but you are just torn between apology and ego. This leads to an utmost chaos where your energy levels drop to an absolute zero, and you are destined to mind suppression. Yes, anger works in mysterious ways and so does regret.

Personality Complex:

Hesitancy to act on an opportunity, diminishing interest in life, hostility towards friends and family, sensitized behaviour and rigid mindset are a few personality complexes that many of us find hard to deal with. Most of us are just so scared to start new things in our life, we fear rejection and even acceptance. Then after the opportunity has passed we reminisce on what could have happened if we had been proactive.

Meditation To the Rescue

This is when meditation comes to our aid, a serene singular solution to your personal growth and development. Meditation has been present and implemented for centuries to combat several illnesses It can solve numerous personality issues with steadfast regular implementation.

Validation Problems: 

How often some of us are drawn towards this unconscious need to seek validation for our deeds. There is an intense urge to get yourself noticed or be labelled as “Good”.

Solution: This calls for a meditation mantra- an age-old remedy that will help you identify your insecurities, and lower your anxiety levels. It teaches us to find happiness within ourselves. Your inner-eye will be awakened and your inner-self will thank you for that. It will credit your ideas to rise, focus on your work, and let it speak for itself.

WOW Fact: Human beings come into this beautiful world with only two natural built-in fears: Fear of falling and fear of loud noises.

All the other fears are developed later in life. 

Procrastination Problems

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the more you give in to fear, the more it controls you. The struggle to make the first move is real, it may come easy to someone but could be a virtual war for some others, we wage this war against ourselves:  

The catch? The problem could be as simple as “introducing yourself to a certain someone” or “implementing a new change in your life which is potentially different from your monotonous routine”


Meditation works as a strategy to connect with your personal growth and development. It hacks into our brain like a good ole hacker and shuts down the negative self-talk by minimizing brain chatter and fearful imaginary scenarios. It directs you to a path of self-perseverance with single-mindedness to prioritize the work at hand with collected calm and peace to efficiently move to another.

Self-Esteem Issues:

Low self-esteem is undermining your own self-worth and competence by openly talking negatively about yourself or believing it with a hard mindset. Whereas, Inflated self-esteem is a narcissistic trait that dominates, negatively manipulates, questions others’ capabilities, and makes them feel replaceable. Mindsets with low and inflated self-esteem 


 Meditation enlightens us about moderation in our life. To address Inflated self-esteem issues, Meditation brings empathy and clearity to one’s attitude and makes them sympathise with others’ feelings and emotions and the consequences of their words on the emotional well-being of others.

Personality Clash: Anger/Conflict 

In a heated argument, we all have seen our fair share of flared-up noses, unintended outbursts, voice notes hitting an unpleasant octave and not-to-forget the dreaded door slammings. The same incident where we lost our self-control keeps replaying before our eyes, like an unpleasant horror movie. We feel ashamed to lose control just over broken glass, a spilled tea, a misplaced object or a conflict of difference in opinion.

We promise ourselves that we will keep our emotions in check next time, and never hurt someone’s feelings, but much to our disappointment, we end up doing the same thing over and over again. We have to understand that just a sorry won't suffice, a proactive approach is needed to uproot this angry vicious cycle.

Meditation Solution: Practice Mindfulness 

Meditate to welcome perspective from others with an open heart and clear mind. Not only a new perspective is healthy for your mental growth but also a key factor in polishing your personality growth. Embrace self-improvement by being mindful of your behaviour and its effect on others.

Meditation works wonders while dealing with anger and conflicts. You learn to put things on hold by closing off an immediate urge to mock and criticise. We all know that time-out is a hard pill to swallow, but it can work wonders for your personal development and self-growth and can be accomplished with regular meditation.

Sometimes, it’s okay to say that “we are on a break” to put an end to any negative outcomes until you figure something out with a clear and peaceful mind.

Fragile Decision-Making:

All of the aforementioned personality clashes and complexes yield weak decision power. When it comes to choosing things or work, we are torn between the two aspects. What we accept for ourselves and what others expect of us. Always choose yourself, learn to say no when you aren't comfortable. Master your emotions with an organized mindset to declare satisfaction and happiness in your life.

Meditate to Forgive: Let Bygones be bygones

The serenity of the mind and body is synchronous, if one is restless the other follows suit. An apology is a strategy to combat negativity in your life. Even if somebody is reluctant to forgive you, you have to at least ask for it and leave no room in your brain for the questions of “What ifs”. Nonetheless, forgiving yourself is essential too, to help you grow as a person and reap the benefits of humanity.

My Two Cents:

Meditation isn't age-specific, it's as uncomplicated as it is painless, and it will transform your life. Life revolves around the concept of: “Right Time and Right Place”. The earlier you self-reflect on your behaviour, the better it is. However, never disvalue sincere advice from a loved one, when they dolefully ask you to seek help and learn to bring positive changes in your life with a flexible mindset.

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